My manuscript wish list is not comprehensive. Sometimes the best stories that land in my inbox are the ones I never knew I always wanted. So if your book is unlike anything listed here, please don't be discouraged. I absolutely still want to read your query. But there are definitely stories that I want to see out in the world, and if your novel encompasses some of these elements (particularly through an #ownvoices or otherwise inclusive lens) then I'd dearly love the opportunity to consider it. Query me!

  • LIFE IS STRANGE in YA book form! Intensely beautiful female friendships, romance, supernatural elements, tough choices, oh, and did I mention intense female friendships?
  • ORPHAN BLACK for a YA audience. Sci-fi, action, suspense, and above all smart, capable, funny women who form a family. 
  • All-girl heist team.
  • Witchy books. I want all the witchy books. 
  • I want capable women and girls in positions of leadership, or single-handedly coming to the rescue.. Think LOST if Kate were the protagonist instead of Jack (and if she were well-developed and not merely the center of an incredibly boring love triangle). Think DIE HARD, if John Mcclane were a woman.
  • I want a character arc that rivals that of Zuko in AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. 
  • Chosen one who would really rather not be chosen, thanks.
  • I'm longing for a diverse, well-plotted, #ownvoices fantasy with compelling characters and stakes beyond romance.
  • An #ownvoices fantasy featuring a disabled character who has magic, but not a "magical cure."

    This list will be updated regularly.