Announcement: Closed to Queries for September


The summer slump got me, y'all. Despite some really productive months in terms of client management and networking--reviewing queries and requested material has essentially come to a dead stop. And I need to make some space in my schedule to catch up. 

For that reason I'm closing to queries for the month of September. Any query received after August 31st and before October 1st will unfortunately be deleted, so please either get those queries in asap or hang on to them until the fall. 

I never really thought I would be the type of agent who closed to queries, and this is a decision I didn't make lightly. It's something I hope to avoid doing too often in the future. But the reality is that as client work ramps up for me, I have less hours in a day to focus on queries and non-client reading. While I thought I'd be able to burn the candle at both ends to get back up to speed, all that ended up happening is that I started to burn out. In the end, I think a brief, temporary close is what I need to get back on top of queries and my reading pile. 

To those I've kept waiting, who are continuing to wait, please know that I appreciate your patience and understanding, and that I can't wait to read your stories. I do still intend to respond to each and every query I receive, and those of you who have been kept waiting are no exception. 

And when I reopen in October, it will be the PERFECT time for some witchy books, of which you know I am quite fond. Just sayin.